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Peek A Boo Waltz
Old Box Stove
Hadley’s Tune
Waltz for Departed Fiddlers
Whalen’s Breakdown

Tunes often played in a NEFA tune circle

Square Dance Tunes
Golden Slippers
Red Wing
Red River Valley
Spanish Cavalier
Nellie Gray
Marching Through Georgia
The Girl I Left Behind

Soldiers Joy
Flop Eared Mule
Chinese Breakdown
Crooked Stovepipe
Joys of Quebec
Snow Deer
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Saint Anne’s
Turkey in the Straw

Irish Washerwoman
Hundred Pipers

Marches & Polkas
Scotland the Brave
Maple Sugar
Silver and Gold
Silver Bells
Les Oiseaux Bleus

Florence Killen Waltz
Ashokan Farewell
Black Velvet Waltz
Over the Wave
Tennessee Waltz
River John Sunset Waltz
New England Fiddlers Waltz

Other Tunes
Mackenzie’s Rambles
Molly’s Tune
Walking Uptown