2019 Meet Schedule
January 6 – Montpelier VFW
February 3 – Hyde Park VFW
March 3 – WIlliamstown Moose
April 14 – Montpelier VFW
May 5 – Morrisville VFW
June 2 – Canadian Club, Barre

July 14 – Waterbury American Legion (2nd Sunday)
August 4 – Williamstown Moose (An outdoor BBQ!)
September 8 – Waterbury American Legion (2nd Sunday)
October 6 – Hyde Park VFW
October 20 – Bellows Falls Moose
November 3 – Morrisville VFW
December 8 – Holiday Meet, Canadian Club, Barre (2nd Sunday)

A NEFA meet always begins at noon with a Tune Circle. As fiddlers arrive they sign up on a numbered list and then, if they wish, join the circle which lasts until 1 o’clock. In the circle, people take turns in choosing the tunes to be played. At 1 o’clock our master of ceremonies, Tom Berry, takes the list up onto the stage and starts calling fiddlers up to each play 3 tunes of their choice. The majority of NEFA members are not actually fiddlers but other musicians, (guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin), dancers, and folks who come to the meets to listen and enjoy a very sociable afternoon. There is always a concession stand where hot dogs, burgers, fries, and sometimes soup or chili are served, and a sales table where donated baked goods and crafts are sold to benefit NEFA. The meet lasts until the last fiddler has played, and concludes with a group of fiddlers up on the stage playing a few farewell tunes together.