September-October 2019 Newsletter

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There have been two meets since our last newsletter.  At the July meet in Waterbury there were only 9 fiddlers who took to the stage, but several more played in the circle, and there were several newcomers/visitors who had a very good time. The 50/50 raffle of $96.50 was won by Cleona Hill, maker of the old fashion molasses cookies that I enjoyed so much. Val Essex was trying out her new camera, and she took some good pictures of George Drew playing his bodhran and showing off his fancy footwork. 

Our August meet/Corn Roast was a delicious feast, and a number of people deserve special thanks.  Donna, Scott and Jason Gregoire had the mammoth job of setting up the wood fire grill and roasting the corn out in the hot sun, while Becky Jones manned the gas grill and Jesse Cameron helped out at both.  There was a wonderful array of salads and homemade beans to go with the corn and hot dogs, and certainly, no one left hungry!  The thoughts of most of us were with Lee and Mae, and we were very glad when Donna announced that Lee was feeling much better, and that he was home from the hospital.

Our website has had a makeover.  Laurie Indenbaum has done a great job making it into a useful and entertaining website. If you have old photos, or anything that you would like to have posted please give it to Val Essex or Jill Newton.

Click any photo to see the whole Gallery.

I thought of a tune the other day that I have not heard at a NEFA meet but I bet a lot of our fiddlers know. It’s called the Peek-a-Boo Waltz. When I have played it for senior citizen groups they often sing along on the chorus. I looked it up on the internet thinking I might find it all written out for me, and I came across a video of Patti Kusturok teaching it.  I always thought it was an American tune, but Patti Kusturok said that she had learned it from her Grandfather who was from Scotland he and had probably learned it there, and it’s also in collections of Scandinavian tunes under a different name, so I guess it’s played all over the place.

The Peek-A-Boo Waltz

The Festival of Fiddlers on the Green is making good progress but still needs your help to reach its goal of documenting a fiddler playing in every Vermont town in 2019.
If you get the chance to take a picture of a fiddler playing anywhere in Vermont this summer, please send it to Fiddler, PO Box 644, Townshend, Vermont 05353 or email it to  These future NEFA members are students of Chloe Powell in Barnard.

Chloe Powell’s fiddle students

Our remaining 2019 meets are as follows:
September 8 at the American Legion Hall in Waterbury
October 6 at the VFW in Hyde Park
October 20 at the Moose Club in Bellows Falls
November 3 at the VFW in Morrisville
December 8 at the Canadian Club in Barre

I hope to see you all in Waterbury on Sept 8. Happy Fiddling!