Summer 2019 Newsletter

The Northeast Fiddlers Association is a nonprofit. Donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.

Everyone had a good time at our June Meet/Annual Meeting at the Canadian Club. Thirteen fiddlers took to the stage, and Jean Flint won $74 at the 50/50 Raffle. We were glad to add Jane Brown of Bradford to our mailing list. It was the first time that, instead of having runner-up prizes in the Raffle, we had a sale table for donated crafts and baked goods, and that brought in over $80. The Ballot Box was open from 1 – 3 pm, and after votes were counted it was announced that all officers were re-elected. Lee Deyette was re-elected to the Board of Trustees, and Jeanne Alix-Piotrowski was elected to fill the other vacant seat on the Board. At a short trustees meeting at the end of the meet, Roger Perrault was re-elected to be the Chairman of the Board. These officers do a great job taking care of NEFA business and deserve MANY THANKS!

A frequent topic at board meetings is “How do we increase our membership, especially among young fiddlers?” We are both proud of and a little worried by the fact that 30% of our currently paid up members are “lifetime members” which means that they are over 80 years old. One suggestion which was approved at a recent board meeting was that we reinstate the policy that young fiddlers be welcomed to buck the line and play whenever it is most convenient for them, so that their parent or teacher doesn’t have to wait until the end of the afternoon for the child to play.

One way to put the Northeast Fiddlers on the map would be for us to succeed in our Fiddlers on the Green project. The photos are beginning to trickle in, but we’ve still got a long way to go. If your town isn’t represented, grab your fiddle and find someone to take your picture playing on the town green or at any recognizable place in town. A fiddler can send in photos from several towns, and a town can have several different fiddlers on its page. We need at least one photo of a fiddler in every town. THANK YOU, to all who have sent in photos. We’d love to have you send in more!

Please mark your calendars now that our August 4 meet will be a Corn Roast at the Williamstown Moose club. Lee Deyette and Donna Gregoire and family will provide the corn and grills, and the rest of us will bring our own meat, and a side dish, salad or dessert to share. It will be a fun afternoon with lots of music and good food, so plan to come with your family!

At our June meet Bill Cameron played a nice old jig that was new to me It’s called The Old Box Stove and was written by Ward Allen, a great Canadian fiddler. I found it on YouTube being played by Ward Allen himself. It’s in F and Bb… not our usual keys.

Tom Berry has come up with a tune for his newest granddaughter!

We are fortunate that our friend, NEFA member, Laurie Indenbaum has volunteered to design us a new website. Email digital photos to Laurie. Be sure to include information describing the players, tunes being played, place and date. Historical photos are especially desirable. Bring photos or ideas about what you would like to see on our website to our next meet on July 14 at the Waterbury America Legion.

And don’t forget the Corn Roast Aug. 4 at the Williamstown Moose

Happy Fiddling!